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Shawn Melchor is a Concept artist and has been working in the entertainment industry for 7+ years.

In 2009 Shawn started his career as a Concept artist at Disney’s Junction Point Studios where he worked on the critically acclaimed Epic Mickey and the sequel Epic Mickey 2: The power of two. During his time at Disney he created concepts for variety of different projects ranging from AAA console games to mobile. A diligent and multi-talented artist, Shawn created digital and traditional works for the Character Designs, Environments, as well as a multitude of Visual Development and Marketing art needs.  After Junction Point closed their doors in 2013 Shawn had the pleasure of working on various projects while working as a freelance artist.  Clients including Volition Games, Picture Plane, Clarus Agency, Portalarium and Xaviant Games. In 2014 Shawn was then hired by Nintendo’s Retro Studios in Austin TX and is currently working on an unannounced project.

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